The Ingels-Borelli Award

The New Castle vintage karting event annual class awards are dedicted to Art Ingels and Lou Borelli, the originators of karting.

Art Ingels is known as ‘the father of karting’. In 1956, while he was a race car builder at Kurtis Kraft, a famous builder of Indy race cars during the 1950s, he assembled the first Go-Kart in history out of scrap metal and a surplus West Bend Company two-stroke cycle engine. It was built in his two-car garage in Echo Park, and tested in the Rose Bowl parking lot, where it gained hundreds of enthusiasts. In 1957 Art Ingels and Lou Borelli co-found the Ingels-Borelli Kart company and produced the spectacular Caretta kart.



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  1. Jennifer Marble Howes says:

    Nice write-up. I didn’t know about this award. My mother Nancy Borelli Marble is Lou Borelli’s daughter and is still alive. My dad Dan Marble raced for Art and Lou out at Willow Springs Ca. back in the 60″s They reside in Bakersfield Calif. It warms my heart to learn about this award.

  2. invaderjb says:

    Nice to hear from you. I called William awhile back.
    Lou was a class act. I drove for him at some big events and won all of them. I lived in Michigan and called him quite often. I visited the shop one time back in 1967. Thought very highly of him.
    Maybe some of the family could attend my annual event in Indianapolis fathers day weekend. Best way to get me is e-mail Jeff

  3. I have a Ingals Borelli Kart Go power wheels and a plaque. What is it worth?

  4. I have a Ingals Borelli Go Kart Go Power Wheels, And a brass plaque

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