Vintage Karting Hall of Fame

The Vintage Karting Hall of Fame was started in 2009 by Jeff Brown. Gus Traeder was the 1st to be inducted. Gus was the pioneer promoter for Karting since the early 1960’s and was responsible for holding the 1st Vintage Karting events at Quincy in 2002. Each year a few selected karters are inducted to the Vintage Karting Hall of Fame. The official plaque is located at New Castle Motorsports Park in Indiana.

Full List of Inductees as of 2023:

Gus Traeder
Peter Berlt
Dan Klutz
Bobby Lee
Mickey Rupp
Faye Pierson
Pearl Gamble
Butch Stewart
Duffy Livingston
Ken Burden
Richard Peck
Lake Speed
Jim Walter
Bob Lapke
Terry Ives
Jeff Brown
Mark Dismore
Lynn Haddock
Junior Neal
Dick Teal
Steve O’Hara
Bernie Cozad
Sonny Gerber
Kyle Adkins
Bud Bennett
Jerry Solt
Bill McCornack
Mark Shepard
Gary Hartman
Paul Martin
Pete Muller
Neil Keller
Mike Birdsell
Rick Chapman
Bill Jackson
Don Freber
Rob Voska
Bob Kurkowski
Paul Booth
Robert Stanton
Louie Figone
Terry Traeder
Dean Kossaras
Steve Welte
Jerry Nagel
Mike Lotz
Gary Wlodarsky


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