Jeff Brown
Rebuilding kart motors since 1967,  foreign motors, West Bends, Macs, and now KT100 Yamaha motors too.
248-613-5839 call after 6pm EST  or email:

Tuning a Yamaha KT100 engine for maximum performance!


6 Responses to Engine Service

  1. John Sutton says:

    Hi Jeff,

    Send me a email address to reach you at. I have something to send you.

    John Sutton
    Phoenix Arizona

  2. Jim Hohn says:

    I’m looking for a vintage Kart. I live in Jackson, Michigan. Do you know of anything ?
    Thank you,

  3. Jeff, ball park figure to go through a Mac 91 that has been sitting on a 60’s Fox for 40 plus years. It has been stored inside has good compression and is complete. Not looking for super race engine only fun and reliable. thanks john

  4. invaderjb says:

    $175 plus parts email

  5. Ralph Nolen says:

    Looking for a 101 crank and splne socket for the rod bolts

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