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Vintage Karting Hall of Fame

The Vintage Karting Hall of Fame was started in 2009 by Jeff Brown. Gus Traeder was the 1st to be inducted. Gus was the pioneer promoter for Karting since the early 1960’s and was responsible for holding the 1st Vintage Karting events at Quincy in 2002. Each year a few selected karters are inducted to the Vintage Karting Hall of Fame. The official plaque is located at New Castle Motorsports Park in Indiana.

Hall of Fame 2016

Full List of Inductees as of 2017:

Gus Traeder
Peter Berlt
Dan Klutz
Bobby Lee
Mickey Rupp
Faye Pierson
Pearl Gamble
Butch Stewart
Duffy Livingston
Ken Burden
Richard Peck
Lake Speed
Jim Walter
Bob Lapke
Terry Ives
Jeff Brown
Mark Dismore
Lynn Haddock
Junior Neal
Dick Teal
Steve O’Hara
Bernie Cozad
Sonny Gerber
Kyle Adkins
Bud Bennett

11 thoughts on “Hall of Fame”

  1. Is there a record of past race results from OVKA in particular and IKF races from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s that can be accessed online? I was a member of IKF with OVKA and moved to South Florida years ago and would like to look back and see how some of my former competitor did.
    Also, I’m back in OVKA territory and would like to try running in VKA with my old Dart kart, but am in need of a good motor hopefully a 91A or B. Would you know of any reliable rebuilt ones for sale?

  2. Hey Jeff
    I thinks its awesome to honor the guys and gals on the Hall of Fame. I would like to suggest a few names such as Lyn Haddock, Terry Ives and Steve O’Hara.
    These guys have a wealth of experience and knowledge between them and they are alwasy ready to help with knowlege and parts if needed. Jeff thanks for listening
    Kind Regards
    Wayne Billings

  3. Went to Europe & Italy back around 1961, Along with Bobby Allen, Faye Pierson
    Jeff Crumb,Earl Widman, Jerry Clark, Carl Phipps, Jim Mulligah, David Weller, Chet Hymes, Ray Puettmann,Lt. David Culver, Carl Barlow, Crocky Pererson,

    1. was a member along with Bobby Allen and Jeff Crumb in the Miami Kart Club and
      grand Prix Kart Club of America from 59 – 62.
      still have my original model 400 go kart with clinton on it that I drove to a first place finish at Daytona in Feb 1960, for the American Jr Championship, Bobby Allen then drove it to a second place finish in the adult class, which gave him his all expences paid trip to Nassau later in Nov 60, for the World Championship,,,,and the rest is History

  4. Jeff
    Thanks so much for your spirit and dedication in directing all the Vintage karting events. I really appreciate what you are doing. It gives us old vintage drivers a chance to relive the past a little. It’s kind of like a karters class reunion. Keep up the good work. I will see you at the track.

  5. Scott Overbey raced karts from 1974 to 1981 he won 5 IKF grandnationals
    and 6 WKA grandnationals.The last grandnational he raced was 1981 Blackhawk farms where he won sr.yamaha-stock heavy-and B stock.He went on to win the
    Sport 2000 pro championship in 1984.
    Scott passed away July 2011,I,m his father and would like to see his name
    listed in the KARTING HALL OF FAME.
    Thank you.
    Larry Overbey

  6. I’d like to nominate Paul Martin for induction into the vintage Karting hall of fame. Paul was and is one of the best and
    has had a tremendous positive impact with Karting.

  7. I would like to Nominate Kathy Hartman and second the nomination for Scott Overbey. Lady Lightning won more races than a lot have ever raced in. Scott Overbey was a dedicated racer and True Champion

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